Cutting Tools

This range includes Jobber drills HSS, Jobber drills Cobalt, Stub Drills, Long Series, Extra Long Series, Morse Taper Shank Drills, Reduced Shank Drills, Panel Drills, Step Drills, Spot Weld Drills, Countersinks, Tungsten Carbide Burs, Centre drills, End mills & Slot drills, Holesaws, Screw extractors, Screw Hole Punches & Tile Drills.

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Threading Tools

This range includes Hand & Machine Taps  HSS, Gun Taps & Spiral flute taps HSS, Dies & Die nuts - Tungsten chrome alloy, Taps - Tungsten chrome alloy, Tap Wrenches, Die Holders, Tap & die sets & Tap & Drill sets.

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Drill Chuck, Arbors & Sleeves

This range includes Drill chucks, Chuck Keys, Adaptors, Chuck Arbors, Milling arbors, Extension drill sockets, Drill sleeves & Drill drifts.

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Lathe Tooling

This range includes Parting tool holder, Parting tool Steel - HSS, Tool Holders, Tool Steel, Boring Bars, Fly tool cutters, Lathe chucks, Dead centres, Live centres, Pipe Centres, Boring heads, Carbide brazed tools, Knurling Tools & Knurls

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Precision & General Tools

This range includes Dividers, Calipers, Wing compasses, Jenny Calipers, Engineers Squares, Radius Gauges, Centre gauge, Universal screw cutting gauge, Universal surface gauge, Wriggler and centre finder, Scribers, Nozzle gauges, Feeler strips, Number stamps, Letter stamps, Chalk Engineer's/welders, Needle files, Diamond needle files, Pin Vices, Drill press vises & Milling machine vises

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Measuring tools

This range includes Vernier calipers, Digital calipers, Vernier height gauge, Micrometer outside, Micrometer inside, Dial Indicators, Magnetic base, Test dial indicator, Protractors, Telescopic gauges, Combination sets, Screw pitch gauges, Universal bevel protractor, Taper bore gauge, Feeler gauge, Steel rules & Wire & sheet metal gauge.

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Clamping & Mounting

This range includes Steel Vee blocks, Cast Iron Vee blocks, Clamping kits, Parallel clamps, Magnetic chucks - rectangular & Round, Magnetic welding clamps & Pot magnets.

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Power Tool Accessories

This range includes Planer blades - HSS, TCT planer blades, Adaptors for planer blades, Pin Spanners, Backing pads, Polishing Bonnets, Flange sets, Wheel dresser - Diamond & Cutter types, Tapered Spindles. Right angle attachment, Magnetic bit holders, Screw driver bits, Chisels & Holesaws.

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Polishing mops & compounds

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Leather work wear range

Buildpro Leather work wear range

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