About Us

We are single minded about one thing, and that is provide our customers complete satisfaction with our tools. Our Motto of ‘Industrial without compromise’ means you are getting top quality products, top quality service and top quality people backing you. Intech Tools has been manufacturing and supplying tools since 1978. Supplying customers as OE in over 12 countries, most of our customers have been with us over 15 years.

In 1999 we looked at the world market for tools and realized that the best way support our customers, was to share our good will with them. Since then, we have been building the ‘Intech’ brand aggressively so that our customers can use our name to sell the tools, knowing that every tool we sell is fully backed by us. Our range now encompasses a huge range of product. For certain a certain part of our range which we don’t manufacture, we have tie ups with leading factories around the world, so that our customers can use us a one stop shop with world class quality at very competitive prices. We do go that extra mile. If you grow, we grow - Its really that simple.